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Gold Club International

Gold Club is Africa's first complete ecommerce ecosystem. The ecosystem focuses on two basic aspects (Discount Service and Mentoring Programs) to create positive impact in the world, create residual income flow and also empower members of the ecosystem.

By bridging the gap between social class distinction and financial class distinction through leverage and Mentor-ship programs, Gold Club ecosystem empowers members with advanced knowledge on financial intelligence and skills acquisition, which when implemented would create financial independence and wealth creation while working right from home.

We are passionate about building a united community that gets the best offers using GOLD CLUB DISCOUNT CARD which directs all Gold Club Members to specific locations that offers discount for products bought or for services rendered. Business organizations willing to offer discounts for products or services enjoy traffic from Gold club membership strength in her Ecosystem.

Gold Club Ecosystem is the first multi integrated platform open to third parties, ideas, programs, product and services that will empower members of her ecosystem financially, socially and economically.

By means of training, mentorship, updated information and partnership with third party programs and opportunities we seek to reach every African to take advantage of the e-space and become an entrepreneur. Gold club is committed to empowering its members by providing an enabling platform to achieve the above said objective. By means of these trainings and mentorship programs, we also seek to help members be able to have a residual flow of income and create sustained wealth.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to avail our members the opportunity to earn residually and create a second source of income to improve their financial status.

Our Mission

To provide easy access to alternative income specifically through the use of our ecommerce ecosystem while helping members take advantage of opportunities of wealth creation.

Our Goal

To be the No 1 ecommerce ecosystem in Africa, by empoweringindividuals especially our youths to make a living using Gold Club SISM.


Gold Club International Marketing Plan is designed to empower its members to create wealth through her ecommerce ecosystem. This income solution includes but is not limited to:
  • Discount service empowerment through the use of her discount card. The discount value enjoyed from using our discount card over time makes membership activation FREE.
  • Smart Income Skill Mentorship (SISM) program equip members with digital and offline skills which when implemented guarantees a regular income flow.
  • Leverage. Using the power of leverage, Gold Club Members benefit from our dual hybrid compensation plan that runs simultaneously.

PLAN A (Membership Activation Compensation)

A 3 Level Compensation plan from Gold Club ensures that members can make residual income from referring people into Gold Club to enjoy same benefits that they too experience.

Level 1: 20% = N1200
Level 2: 10% = N600
Level 3: 5% = N300
A total of 35% Pay out for referring people to activate their membership in the ecosystem.

PLAN B (SISM Activation Compensation)

Full SISM activation FEE is N 30,000. This is broken down into three:

Bronze SISM: N 6,000
Platinum SISM: N 15,000
Diamond SISM: N 30,000.

The difference is paid for upgrade to the next level. That is,

To upgrade from Bronze to Platinum = N15,000 - N6000 = N9,000

To upgrade from Platinum to Diamond =N30,000 - N15,000 = N15,000

To upgrade from Bronze to Diamond = N30,000 - N6,000 = N24,000


  • As a Bronze SISM package holder you can only earn N5400 from your first 3 direct referrals. This gives you an option to upgrade to silver SISM package holder so that from your 4th referral to infinity you continue to earn. Bronze SISM pays you unlimited N 5400 as long as you have activated or upgraded to Platinum SISM package or Have upgrade to Diamond SISM package.
  • As a Platinum SISM package holder, you are allowed to earn unlimited N5400 on all Bronze package referrals. You can only earn N8100 from your first 3 upgrades or activation on Platinum level. To earn unlimited you need to upgrade to Diamond SISM package.
  • As a Diamond SISM package holder, you can earn unlimited on all levels. That is Unlimited N5400 from Bronze, Unlimited N8100 from Platinum and Unlimited N13500 from Diamond Upgrades.